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Your #1 Korean Natural Cosmetics Retailer
Your #1 Korean Natural Cosmetics Retailer

Buying Process

1. Registration
In order to see the purchase prices, you must first register so that we can activate them. Register here.

2. Order
As soon as you are activated with us, you can already order :)

3. Confirmation
After you have placed your order with us, we will check it for correctness and issue you an invoice

4. Payment
Payment is then made by electronic money transfer

5. Delivery
Your order will be processed and shipped within the next 24 hours

For your information:

  • Our storage is based in Europe
  • No depot contracts or minimum orders required
  • Smaller quantities can be ordered
  • We offer the full range of products that are approved in the EU from all our brands
  • Our products are CPNP & SCPN registered

If you have any other questions, message us at